Google Ranking-Benfits

To improve Google ranking is the most important thing all internet marketers can do in order to have a positive effect on their business. It’s a simple formula; get higher ranking and you will see more people visiting your website. Almost everything a marketer does online will influence their ranking in the search engines either for good or for bad. That is something many marketers fail to recognize. They simply think of improving their ranking but never give a thought to the fact that much of what happens with their web pages has just the opposite effect.Browse here google ranking.

Search engine optimization

Page ranking is determined by the cover all term “search engine optimisation” or SEO. SEO has developed into a very complex discipline within internet marketing and is totally misunderstood by most people whose businesses are affected by it. That is not just because it is complex but also because much of the online information about it is incorrect. A quick online search will turn up many different sites offering all sorts of SEO advice, guidance and services.

Good service suppliers will vastly improve most people’s ranking in Google and other search engines. Unfortunately there are many services being offered from companies that do not understand the very basic concepts of SEO. For the inexperienced beginners who want to improve their rankings it is impossible to know which service is good or bad. On top of that the fees charged are usually into many thousands of dollars. What about the advice and guidance? Typical of much information on the internet there is both good and bad. Again, how does the beginner know the difference?

Getting your SEO right

Getting it right is crucial to good search engine ranking. That means understanding and getting the basics right before progressing to some of the more complex areas about which so much erroneous information abounds online.

Although this is a complex subject it is well within the capabilities of most beginners to make vast improvements simply by appreciating what Google wants. Many so called advice pages suggests ways to beat Google; ways to trick their ranking process and ways to get on to first pages in search engines by “secret” means. Just get one thing right; there are no secret ways and tricks get found out and penalized. Good SEO is based on one thing. Simply give Google what it wants and your ranking will improve.

The most important thing Google requires is good page content that is relevant to the searcher’s query. In other words when a searcher looks for information on dog training, for example, the page that comes up in the search results will be about dog training. It will not wander off on to dog food, veterinary services, pet insurance or any other remotely related topic. The content will be relevant to dog training.

It is no use providing relevant content if it has been copied from another source. Of equal importance to Google is the uniqueness of the content. It must be written specifically for the web page as copied material will not rank. In fact it will be penalized.

That is what Google wants for people using its services. It is not technical. Those aspects can be added after you get the content right. Although they are also important they are not as important to Google as relevant and unique content.

This very basic part of SEO is often ignored or not fully appreciated by internet marketers. To implement it does not require any knowledge of the more technical aspects of SEO but the impact on ranking can be considerable. This is the easy way for beginners to improve Google ranking.